I will be in New York City at the Warwick Hotel (http://www.warwickhotelny.com/) working with clients from July 17th to July 20th. I will be wearing a few different hats, both wholesale and retail, so I encourage anyone interesting in meeting with me to send a note and we can exchange cell#’s, etc. My suite will be set up with RiderBoot as well as Martegani shoes…current as well as make-up samples. Obviously, I will provide custom fittings, take single pair special orders, show the new patterns I am expecting to stock for Fall, etc. More info to come.

Please send me a note if you are interested in seeing more of Martegani!



can’t I get the pictures to line up anymore??!!??!! Is it Vista?

I am thinking about…..

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16-MAR, 09 039















16-MAR, 09 043


















16-MAR, 09 045














I like the stitched medallions on the above.

16-MAR, 09 047


















16-MAR, 09 050





















16-MAR, 09 051










16-MAR, 09 056















16-MAR, 09 063















That’s a serious Gator Chelsea.

16-MAR, 09 054










Don’t know if I like that new bubble last on the top shoe….selling in EU now, though.

16-MAR, 09 067












Love the Handstained Olive!  Can some of my shops jump on this color?  Please??

16-MAR, 09 071


  16-MAR, 09 070











16-MAR, 09 060












I am always tempted to bring some of our Ladies Line here……



Just a quick update on things…..I have started working again to recreate this blog in a more useful, and better organized, way.  We are almost finished editing our first true catalogue, and the stock situation has expanded to include lots of Exotic (Alligator, Teyus, Demos, etc.) options.  Thanks again for your patience, and please stay tuned!

Ron Rider

There were so many make-up (non stock Martegani samples) patterns and outdated information published here, I have decided to take it down and start again…hopefully in a much more informative, and easy to navigate way.


Ron Rider